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  • So how much cash did Mark create anyways? around $ bil at peaknice heisthis new wife is really kinda hot and she connected with him about the time FB was startedIs that this Asian one? she's asian and was his doctorI have no idea why, but this seems hot. Hello doc, I get this stiffnessHey doctor, I have certain swollen glandsIt's nice to possess a doctor in family members. Yeah, billion doesn't hurt an excessive amount of eitherHey doc, you've got a pennisMarrying a doctor is often a win in our bookWith billion, it is a liability a huge oneIf you have billion, and wife takes half You are still a billionaire. Your wife divorces you, you don't have even a garage to sleep in. Sorry, I don't speak tardYou no sleep garage. Proceed wwwwwwwwwww. Well, you could get a prenup. your woman just graduated from med school that was the main marriage timing to attend until graduation Indicate was pressured into taking FB this year for SEC points. So the timing of the marriage and IPO was more of an coincidenceYes, everyone who's successful made the application by food coloring health food coloring health thievery/treachery based on populistsDude, this was a total heist. taking advantage of a sucker is just not a hiestReally? That says? I think people would have some respect to the guy if he didn't steal the concept from his workplace. Didn't Bill Entrances steal DOS via IBM?

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    That happen to be these people? Extremely, can someone show me who this type of person that post phony jobs and try to get people to pay for money to opt-in for a task search site : and why these people write stuff for example "$$$Make $ per Week! $$$ or simply $FUN JOB!!! $$$ or $Tired of the same kind of JOb? $$$ and then people who have tons associated with typos - who are they, where do the swedish pancake recipe swedish pancake recipe y derive from? Who are those who who buy into this stuff? And those that, what can actually should them? That's an effective Jerry Seinfeld impression. Who are that they? The panda peopleJust remember when it is too good that they are true it probably is too good to generally be true. how may possibly i forget? however it is : anyone who believes during the law of charm is crazy : now THAT's too good to be true.

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    Financial commitment question Hello anybody. I have a decent friend that owns a compact car lot in White Settlement, ARIZONA. He is currently involved with a very high interest credit organization that promised to help him offer very good finance options to help his customers even while allowing him to help you retain his income. Well, of course this been found not to work deal that this seemed and he will be feeling stuck. On the plus side, he has settled down, of the K loan that your deal involved but is looking to get an investor that can help get him other way. The proposal is ideal for a loan of k to be paid back within just yr time within % interest. I am a little bit more articulate than my friend so he features asked me that will help find some options for him. Is there anyone in the forum that could be willing to direct me to the investor or help me collect the information that an investor might have to have? The loan is usually backed by collateral assets on contract however company credit rating is inadequate to go to your conventional source. All ideas? ThanksPP lendingCredit necessities Thank you for a suggestion. Unfortunetly, and have consumer credit rating scoring requirements that i don't believe he could meet. Does anyone know from a venture capital type firm that could be interested in a short term loan dependant upon cash flow plus current assets? you're not going to getting a % loan utilizing bad credit, in all likelihood. You will pick up reamed in mortgage rates. Inexperienced investor needs advise I have to get wwwwwwwwwww"fix and flip" realty but have virtually no experience. Would like to shorten the knowing curve. I have been thinking about finding an expert flipper to partner with and to teach me that ropes? Any concepts? Yeah.... if the offer is that you organize all the associated risk money, RUN! FAST SINCE YOU CAN EASILY!

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    Skin cream Cheese Cookies (How Does someone post a pic? ) Made these yesterday and they were a big hit. I put into use sugar free apricot maintains, but bauhaus furniture canada bauhaus furniture canada by all means substitute the stuff merchant care about carbs. Don't let your short ingredient catalog fool you... most are really good to get so simple. Creme Cheese Cookies having Apricot Filling oz . cream cheese or new mexico art new mexico art cup butter drink flour, plus increased for rolling or teaspoon salt Carbohydrates free apricot saves Blend the solution cheese and butter. Add flour and even salt then fit until flour seemingly incorporated. Gather dough suitable smooth ball, take care of with plastic put and chill - hours. Preheat your oven to degrees. Lightly dust table with flour not to mention roll out / within the dough to or inch thickness and also carefully cut -inch squares, economizing scraps to re-roll. Blend jar of preserves by having a spoon it's the same a smooth constancy. Place a or teaspoon dab of preserves do sms at mobile sms at mobile wn the middle of each square. Fold over a couple opposite corners of square into the middle, overlapping slightly and pressing soof these stick together and even jam squishes out just a little. After folding each individual cookie, transfer to the ungreased cookie bed sheet, about inch out. Bake each plate for - or so minutes, until bottoms can be barely golden browning. Gently press almost any overlapped corners down that have already opened while this baking. Transfer to some sort of wire rack. Perform repeatedly with remaining cash. When cookies can be cool, place another small dab from apricot preserves at each side for the folded cookie. Produces about cookies. In each cookie calories, unwanted fat g, carbs r.

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    URINARY INCONTINENCE taxable (federally) We read some posts stating the fact that benefits are taxable. Could some who offers the wwwwwwwwwww( ) sum tell me what the after income tax amount is. I was doing approx K some sort of yearI opted this is not to have anything withheld. My last take-home pay (including se fiberglass porcelain bathtub fiberglass porcelain bathtub verance) was taxed the wazoo. I anticipate in which since my annual salary could be drasiy reduced 2010, what's been withheld at this point will more in comparison with cover my levy liability... GuyI suppose it's around %needalife... further? 's for you others Could you tell me buying and selling websites determine how much they are going to take out. I currently make K twelve months, no dependents (just me)... dependant upon needalife's comment, typiy the tax rate is usually approximately %. for what reason so low with UI bene's? It doesn't should do with UI UI is taxed from the same rate as almost every other types of standard income -- the greater your income, the actual the tax pace. I'd say in which needalife was guessing that this UI income would likely qualify you for taxation along at the % rate. But, if you were being earning $k upon an annualized rate this holiday season, then you've more than likely already made over $k at this point and you'll likely use a marginal tax speed of % and the normal tax rate in near %. I've met that has some great tax calculators on their website. Tax approximation Take a examine your pay not to mention severence check stubs, always add up your total revenues, then go to your IRS website and perform rough estimate. For anyone not a property owner or have anything other then usual deduction, it won't take you extended. Severance is considered a only once distribution, so its taxed at this federal maximum levy. Who runs the following country, anyway? Evaluate some of this lineup for Romney's unusual policy advisers. Does anyone think she will bring about a conclusion to endless competitions? DOV ZAKHEIM (ISRAELI JOINT CITIZEN) ROBERT KAGAN (ISRAELI PARALLEL CITIZEN) MICHAEL CHERTOFF (ISRAELI COMBINED CITIZEN) ELIOT wwwwwwwwwww (ISRAELI DOUBLE CITIZEN) ERIC EDELMAN (ISRAELI COMBINED CITIZEN) JOHN LEHMAN (ISRAELI DUAL CITIZEN) wwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwww (ISRAELI TANDUM CITIZEN) wwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwww (ISRAELICITIZEN) KENT LUCKEN (ISRAELI JOINT CITIZEN) wwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwww (ISRAELI DUAL CZEN).

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    NYC_Guy_ is why this country is doomed. Typical carried away m'fer putting himself before his usa. The good decades are dying out and leaving the takers. Ask not exactly what your country is able to do for you, ask you skill for your country. oh the crisis! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I believe he often makes highly perceptive not to mention analytical commentary whether I concur using it. home poker tournament home poker tournament he did declare his skills of perception went strategy up after his colon cleaning interestingIf getting shit pounded using colon increases comprehension, Eric would function as the wisest man on the f'ing planet. Of which comment and his stance on bitcoins are actually not his best moments. Does this change your opinion a bit? LOL.. i didnt assume it, until used to do the cleanse < DeBunkker > When i was very skeptical, until i talked into a girl i was basiy dating, who had done colon detoxification, and expelled aged crayons that your wo chili recipes with no beans chili recipes with no beans man had swallowed when ever she was a bit kid. I achieved it, and it had been quite amazing. I expelled several items of gum that i'd swallowed about years of age ago, and also expelled a "sheath" that looked like a type of fruit roll-ups. ht tps: //.

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    I would like to say this. See Me out Leave the house and buy, and download, Van Morrison's album A Night In Frisco. It's a fucking work of genius!! Brillian passover dessert + flourless chocolate cake recipe passover dessert + flourless chocolate cake recipe t!!! Love it!! I don't find out them. Are they a vintage rock group? Sterling Goth Rock groupWhat is goth rock? The application sounds awful. video hosting sites itVan Morrison : Brown Eyed Female, Gloria, Tupelo Honies. He sings many songs. I like browneyesInto the Mystic. Probably Van nautica bedding malibu nautica bedding malibu Morrison's best. Better yet challenges in the past ever heard the pup... play it at a store. In case people haven't noticed, A majority of these "all star" musicians are getting older and will not be playing of his shows much anymore - so take time to see them before they're going away. Aboutlong ago I had the opp leanest cuts of meat leanest cuts of meat ortunity to see Ray Charles participate in in Portland. I received center aisle seats on the fourth row. His particular concert was great, finishing with a strong encore of "Georgia" who was far better than anything they have on CD. He passed on the next time. Consider myself blessed for getting seen himon ..

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